Our Company

The traditional pasta “Tasoula” started in 1990 aiming at giving the alternative tasty healthy proposal of diet.

Our industry collects pure ingredients (flour, semolina, milk, eggs) from the region of Western Macedonia and with great care and effort produces fresh pasta made with traditional recipes according to the art of good old days.

We created a dynamic Manufacturing (producing pure products) harmonized with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 Management and a friendly treatment environment. These conditions are considered necessary by modern consumers. Today 23 years later, we continue to offer our pure and traditional products from a new modern and productive area in VATERO Kozani, Greece.

Welcome to a journey of traditional flavors of Kozani Greece, with the “TASOULA Traditional Pasta”.

Our workshop offers the selective consumer tasty and nutritious pasta of high quality, made with fresh local ingredients and based on traditional recipes from our local area, which were used and are still being used by the housewives and we keep them unchanged.

Our products cover all tastes and offer something different to the daily table, utilizing the long tradition of Kozani pasta. So in our workshop, you will find products such as traditional local Trachana, Petoura with Safran or king Mushroom, the Everton from Pontious, Perek dough sheet, the pies, which are unique authentic handmade.

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