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We are world-renowned creative agency from Iceland

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Who are we?

Quickly strategize revolutionary relationships rather than diverse platforms initiatives for strategic imperatives.

Dynamically restore quality leadership skills before real-time core competencies. Globally matrix plug-and-play initiatives for strategic imperatives.

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Preparation time:10′ Cooking time:15′ Total time:25′ Servιngs:4 Put in boiling water 450 g. evreston TASOULA, cover them for five minutes and then strain. Pour melted butter and then with yogurt scrambled with chopped garlic. Also served with sugar and cinnamon.


Preparation time:10′ Cooking time:15′ Total time:25′ Servιngs:4 INGREDIENTS 450 gr petoura chopped tomatoes Salt peper INSTRUCTIONS In a pan pour oil and the chopped tomato, stir for 3 minutes and then add 1 ½ liter water. Once it starts to…
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